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These may be made online, in person or by calling (03) 5881 7597 from 9.30AM to 4.30AM weekdays (Closed for lunch 1PM – 2Pm). You will be offered the earliest opportunity available for your preferred doctor. If your appointment is considered an emergency/urgent staff will arrange for you to be seen the same day. Longer appointments are available and it is advisable to inform staff at the time of making the appointment.


In the case of an emergency between 5pm and 9am and on weekends/public holidays, please ring 000 for an ambulance or if you require urgent medical attention please present to the Emergency Department at Deniliquin Hospital, 411 Charlotte Street, Deniliquin or phone them on (03) 5882 2800. All after hours care can be obtained at the Emergency Department 24hrs each day.


We have a visiting cardiologist and general surgeon once a month, audiologist twice a month, Pathology clinic open three days a week and a Clinic Nurse available five days a week.



Doctors are not always available to take phone calls during clinic times, staff will advise if unavailable and will take a message or advise of a suitable time for you to ring back.


These will not be given out by staff over the phone unless advised prior by the doctor. All other results will be given personally by the doctor. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance and results will not be given to a third party unless personally advised by the relevant patient. Pre employment conditions for staff are to sign a confidentiality agreement as part of employment privacy/confidentiality protocol.



If you are referred on for tests or to a specialist there may be further costs involved including same day payments. We recommend that you check when making your appointment so that you are aware of any further costs.



These can be arranged in circumstances where illness or limited mobility occurs and will be scheduled through our appointment book.


Forms are distributed regularly by reception staff asking for updated medical information and contact details. We request that patients notify us if their contact details have changed.


These are distributed in order that we can assess practice performance. Suggestions on improved practice are always welcome. A suggestion box is kept on the reception desk. These can be anonymous and we welcome your feedback.



These are used to provide preventative and follow up care for our patients and assist in ensuring health checks and updated care is ongoing. You will be reminded when it is time for a review or follow up.  The reminder system includes checks to help with prevention or early detection of certain conditions including Diabetes, Chronic Heart Disease, Cervical Cancer and Immunisation schedules. In some cases the reminders can also be sent from other places eg. Government/AIR or Pap Smear Register. When you have had your tests, you will be notified via our online booking system to make a follow-up appointment.



Fees are in accordance with the AMA and are payable on the day of consultation. Routine consultation fee is $70.00, all longer consultations and procedures will incur a further fee. Due to our new billing system refunds from Medicare are able to be reimbursed immediately through your debit EFTPOS card. If payment is not made on the day out of pocket cost will be $35.00. All children under the age of 16 years are bulk billed.



All records are stored securely as per the Privacy Act (1988). If medical records are required ie leaving district – a transfer form personally signed by the patient is required before any medical information is released to patient or third party and may incur a cost to cover photocopying, reporting etc. Patients also have the right to request access to their medical records.



If for any reason you may wish to make a complaint – please make your complaint in writing addressed to Practice Principal (Dr Paul) and mark confidential. This will only be opened by the addressee. Complaints may also be made to NSW Health Commission 1800 043159 or in writing to Level 13, 323 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000 or by fax (02) 9281 4585 or email

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